• HPLC Columns – Packed by the Sorbent Manufacturer


HPLC Columns – Packed by the Sorbent Manufacturer

Apr 12 2016

MACHEREY-NAGEL, manufacturer of chromatography sorbents, developed the HPLC sorbent NUCLEOSIL® more than 40 years ago. It was one of the first spherical type A silicas and is still manufactured by MACHEREY-NAGEL. It comes in numerous modifications, particle and pore sizes. Manufacturer-packed HPLC columns are available with nonpolar RP phases (e.g., C18, C18 HD, C8, C6H5) and polar phases (e.g., CN, NH2, SA, SB, SiOH). They are often applied in validated methods.

For nearly 15 years, they have supplemented their successful NUCLEOSIL® product range with the fully synthetical type B silica NUCLEODUR® – a state-of-the-art silica for professional solutions. Several different surface modifications have been developed over the last years providing a full range of specified HPLC phases (e.g., C8 and C18 Gravity, C18 Isis, C18 Pyramid, PolarTec, Phenyl-Hexyl, Sphinx RP, PFP, HILIC). The recently launched NUCLEODUR® C18 Gravity-SB features hydrophobic and polar selectivity for a better retention of early eluting analytes.

With the NUCLEOSHELL® core-shell particle technology MACHEREY-NAGEL introduced a superficially porous silica for highest efficiency in HPLC. Besides the C18 modifications RP 18 and RP 18plus, innovative chemistries such as Phenyl-Hexyl, PFP, and HILIC are available. NUCLEOSHELL® columns fulfill the high demands in research and quality control.

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