• Performance at its Peak - Analytical Service Specialist and Chromatography Parts Supply


Performance at its Peak - Analytical Service Specialist and Chromatography Parts Supply

Jun 22 2021

LC Services strives to provide the best quality service and parts for the chromatography industry across the world. We are based in the UK and have ISO 9001 accreditation.

Our extensive stock of chromatography parts and consumables can be shipped worldwide. Our online store contains: refurbished, new, exchange and partnered parts. Despite what our name may indicate, we don’t exclusively sell parts for LC (liquid chromatography), we also offer parts on: gas, liquid and mass spectrometry for your laboratory. We have a vast online stock that includes: an exclusive deuterium lamps range, a wide choice of consumable parts, refurbished OEM Service products (instrumentation and rough pumps), as well as, partnered gas generators and HPLC columns. Along with this, we have quality, alternative, compatible deuterium lamp range for HPLC Detectors and UV-Vis spectrometers. Our deuterium lamps come with 2000 hours, as standard, and are designed and aligned to fit your machinery seamlessly. Compatible brands include: Agilent, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, Waters and more. Our competitively priced lamps offer a great alternative.

We’ve recently updated to our new online store to include a larger range of chromatography supplies; making it more convenient for our customers to buy the parts they need. Our shop includes everything from pistons and seals, to PCBs and PM rebuild kits. Our consumables are quality checked and compatible with all major OEM brands including; Agilent, Perkin Elmer, Sciex, Thermo, Waters and others. We are proud to supply the industry from our large stocks of OEM and alternative parts, and are the distributors of: Entech instruments’ air monitoring range, Bischoffs’ wide range of HPLC columns, ERA TOC products, Vici DBS gas generators and ATC recirculating laboratory chillers. Vici’s gas systems include: hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air generators for GCMS and LCMS.

Established in 1989, we are one of the UK’s Largest independent service organisation for service managed solutions of Liquid and Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry and ICP equipment. Our 30 years in the industry makes us the best independent company for all your laboratory needs. Because of our commitment within the industry, we have a team of specialised, in-house and field engineers that repair and recondition parts, both old and new, to ensure you receive high quality service that meets your laboratory’s specific requirements. Our online collection of reconditioned parts comes with 6 months warranty as standard. Our vast collection includes everything from PCBs, to Valves, to Power Supplies for brands such as Agilent, Perkin Elmer, Waters and even Waters Acquity. Providing the option of refurbished parts means that we can keep good quality parts in operation, which is more environmentally sustainable and cost effective. A majority of our refurbished items can be offered as exchange items. This means that you are able to have the refurbished part you require at a reduced price in exchange for the faulty one that you no longer need.

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