• Novel protein plays part in BRCA1 gene regulation
    53BP1 and SRC3 have a common role within the body.

Electrophoretic Separations

Novel protein plays part in BRCA1 gene regulation

Sep 14 2011

Using mass spectrometry processes scientists have determined that a novel complex protein plays an important part in the regulation of the BRCA1 gene.

Women with a mutated BRCA1 gene have an elevated risk of developing breast cancer.

In a study published by BMC Biochemistry and undertaken by a team in Canada, it was found that the 53BP1 tumour suppressor is a novel SRC3-associated protein.

Further quantitative analysis revealed that while SRC3 is not directly involved in the DNA damage response, it is necessary for BRCA1 expression in HeLa cells.

"However using chromatin immunoprecipitation(ChIP) and siRNA knockdown, we have demonstrated that both SRC3 and 53BP1 co-occupy the same region of the BRCA1 promoter and both are required for BRCA1 expression in HeLa cells," the report claimed.

The scientists concluded that both 53BP1 and SRC3 have a common function that converge at the BRCA1 promoter, and potentially with other genes that are considered to be important for DNA repair and genomic stability.

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