• Collagen XI 'could help identify and treat osteoarthritis'

Electrophoretic Separations

Collagen XI 'could help identify and treat osteoarthritis'

Jan 11 2012

Researchers at Boise State University used affinity chromatography and mass spectrometry in their research that found collagen XI may help identify and treat osteoarthritis.

The study, which examined how the XI protein interacts with other proteins occurring in the part of tissue that provides structural support to cells, will significantly help researchers identify the structures of the disease and assist in discovering treatments.

Osteoarthritis consists of complex gene families, and understanding them is key to improving the lives of those who live with the disease.

Julia Oxford, study co author and biology professor and director of the Biomolecular Research Center at Boise State University, commented: “Knowing which proteins collagen XI binds to could have significant implications in helping clinicians monitor cartilage health as well as diagnose and treat debilitating diseases like arthritis.”

The researchers found that proteoglycans and matricellular molecules interact with collagen XI directly or indirectly, which sustains tissue integrity and development.

According to data from the NHS, around one million people see their GP about osteoarthritis each year.

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