• Analytical chemistry sheds light on T4 DNA replication
    T4 DNA replication has been investigated using analytical chemistry

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Analytical chemistry sheds light on T4 DNA replication

Dec 06 2010

Analytical chemistry conducted over the course of the past 15 years has helped to improve the understanding of the replication of T4 DNA, according to researchers.

In a Virology Journal article, scientists write that techniques including two-dimensional gel electrophoresis have looked into two methods of leading-strand synthesis which occur over the course of an infection.

The first of these is the RNA-primed synthesis that occurs immediately upon infection, while the second is driven by the invading 3'DNA end and occurs as recombination-dependent replication, or RDR.

Analytical chemistry conducted over 15 years has helped to understand both processes, the scientists write, as well as enhancing the identification of the role that recombination and replication proteins play in the RDR process.

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