• New Chromatography Product Highlights #3

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New Chromatography Product Highlights #3

Jun 25 2014

Below is an overview of some of the latest chromatography products available from Hichrom Limited. For further details on any of these products and more click here.

Kromasil EternityXT UHPLC/HPLC Columns

Kromasil EternityXT columns are Akzo Nobel’s next generation Eternity UHPLC and HPLC columns. These columns show excellent mechanical and chemical stability, producing excellent separation and loadability at low, medium and high pH (from pH 1 – 12).

HALO BioClass Fused-Core Columns for Protein & Peptide Separations

HALO BioClass HPLC and UHPLC columns from Advanced Materials Technology are Fused-Core (core-shell) columns specifically designed for the fast, high resolution separation of peptides up to 10kDa (HALO Peptide columns) and proteins and polypeptides in the range of 2kDa to 500kDa (HALO Protein columns).

Extension to Chiral Technologies SFC Column Range and CHIRALFLASH

Chiral Technologies have extended their range of SFC columns by introducing 3mm i.d. columns packed with 3um chiral stationary phases. They have also launched CHIRALFLASH, a range of medium pressure liquid chromatography columns specifically designed for rapid and low cost separation of target compounds for exploratory stage processes. The columns are reusable and compatible with any commercially available flash chromatography system.

YMC Meteoric Core Core-shell Columns

YMC have launched new Meteoric Core core-shell columns. Initially available in three phases, 80Å trifunctionally bonded C18 and C8 phases and a 160Å trifunctionally bonded C18 BIO phase for protein and peptide analysis, Meteoric Core core-shell columns have good pH stability and offer low column bleed for LC/MS analyses.

Hichrom UHPLC Precolumn Filter

Hichrom UHPLC precolumn filters (HI-602) are engineered specifically for use with fast, high efficiency UHPLC columns. The low dispersion of these filters ensures that the efficiency of the UHPLC column is maintained, assuring no loss of critical resolution. These filters can be installed simply on any analytical UHPLC column in seconds, providing leak-free protection to 1000 bar (15,000psi).

COSMOCORE C18 Core-shell Columns

Nacalai Tesque have introduced COSMOCORE C18, a 2.6um core-shell phase with a solid core of 1.6um and a shell of 0.5um. COSMOCORE 2.6C18 enables ultra high performance LC analyses with conventional HPLC equipment. Columns can produce the same efficiency as sub-2um columns, but operate at less than half the pressure. They show excellent stability over the pH range of 1.5 to 10.

GlycanPac AXR-1

Thermo Scientific’s GlycanPac AXR-1 columns (1.9 and 3um particle sizes) are high performance silica-based columns for simultaneous separation of glycans by charge, isomer structure and size. They offer excellent resolution with unique selectivity for either native of derivatised biologically important glycans and are compatible with both mass spectrometric and fluorescence detection methods.

For further details on any of these products and more click here.

Hichrom Chromatography Columns and Supplies Catalogue (v9)

For a copy of the latest Technical Hichrom Chromatography Columns and Supplies Catalogue (v9) containing a wealth of valuable information and advice for the chromatographer click here.

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