• How are RSA Glass vials different from all other autosampler vials?

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How are RSA Glass vials different from all other autosampler vials?

Mar 28 2013

How are RSA Glass vials different from all other autosampler vials?
RSA (Reduced Surface Activity) Glass vials are produced by a revolutionary new patent pending production process that virtually eliminates all silanols and produces glass which has a greatly reduced surface activity for basic compounds. RSA Glass vials are not coated or silanized. The lack of surface silanols make RSA Glass vials an excellent choice for many applications.

If you are working with sensitive compounds commonly found in natural products, biological samples or chemical synthesis, the glass wall of your vial could be a problem for basic compounds. With RSA Glass vials this problem is eliminated.

If you are working with basic proteins that adsorb or are affected by silanols, RSA Glass vials and inserts will be a good solution for you. If your proteins are sticking to the glass due to adsorption to the siloxane surface, RSA Glass provides an almost completely inert surface, which is far superior to standard borosilicate glass for protein and peptide analysis.

If you are working with low abundance basic samples with regular glass vials, it is very possible that your compounds could easily be adsorbed to the glass wall. This can cause errors in your quantitation or completely remove your compound from solution preventing its injection and ultimately masking its detection and identification. If the adsorption is due to silanol interaction, these problems will be removed using RSA Glass vials.

RSA Glass has been tested for metals that may cause sample or diluent contamination. It has ULTRA low levels of sodium, calcium, aluminium and boron. Sodium and boron levels are 200 to 300 times less concentrated compared to leading manufacturers vials. With calcium and aluminium levels are almost non-detectable. Testing was done with ICP using water from the vials which had had a 4 hour "soak" time.

RSA Glass – Reduced Surface Activity Glass Vials
A next generation of glass reduces the interaction of analytes with the vial

For further information on RSA Glass vials contact authorised distributor Hichrom Limited
e-mail: technical@hichrom.co.uk or visit microsolvtech.com

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