• KROMASIL® HPLC Columns and Materials – full range available from Hichrom Limited – including new KROMASIL® EternityTM Columns for extreme pH conditions
    Kromasil® EternityTM Columns utilise new patent pending organosilane bonding technology for longer-life

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KROMASIL® HPLC Columns and Materials – full range available from Hichrom Limited – including new KROMASIL® EternityTM Columns for extreme pH conditions

Oct 19 2009

The full range of Kromasil® HPLC columns and materials is available from Hichrom Limited, the sole authorised UK distributor for all Eka Chemicals separation products. Kromasil® HPLC materials have exceptional mechanical strength and outstanding batch-to-batch reproducibility, making them an ideal choice for both analytical and preparative HPLC separations.

The latest addition to the Kromasil® range, new Kromasil® EternityTM, utilises new patent pending organosilane bonding technology in order to meet the ever increasing demands of HPLC and UHPLC for improved performance and longer column life, even under extreme pH conditions (including up to pH 12). Columns are available in analytical (2.1 - 4.6mm i.d.) and preparative (10mm - 30mm i.d.) dimensions. Particle sizes of 5µm and 2.5µm are available.

The benefits of Eternity columns include:-

• Modified silica technology → Longer lasting columns → Better economy
• Modified silica technology → Wide pH range (pH 1-12) → Improved method development
• 5 & 2.5µm particle sizes → Easy scale-up & down → Analytical to preparative columns
• Smaller 2.5µm particle size → High efficiency → Fast separations

To promote this exciting new range, all analytical (2.1 - 4.6mm i.d.) Kromasil Eternity columns ordered from Hichrom before 31st December 2009, quoting our promotional reference KR10-09ACT will receive a 30% discount off the list price. To take advantage of this special offer please contact our sales office on +44 (0)118 930 3660 or sales@hichrom.co.uk. For further technical details on Eternity columns contact our technical department on +44 (0)118 930 3660 or technical@hichrom.co.uk - Click here for more info

The full Kromasil product range includes:-

1) C18, C8, C4, C1 phases
2) Silica, CN, Phenyl and Diol phases
3) 60Å, 100Å and 300Å phases
4) 2.5 to 16µm particle sizes
5) Chiral products including polysaccharide CelluCoat and AmyCoat phases
6) Newly launched Eternity columns – ideal for high pH separations

All Kromasil products come with the confidence of reproducible and robust separations. For further information on any product in the Kromasil range please contact Hichrom on +44 (0) 118 930 3660 or e-mail sales@hichrom.co.uk or technical@hichrom.co.uk

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