• Glass columns for self-packing: very versatile lab tools!
    Fig. 1: Various application areas for gelatine


Glass columns for self-packing: very versatile lab tools!

Nov 23 2021

Gelatine applications are most often thought to be linked to pharmaceuticals. It is used for capsules, in blood plasma substitutes or as tablet coatings. But there are many other exciting fields. One area of interest is the restoration of historical documents. For this application purpose, E. Humert et al. needed to apply Texas Red™ labelled gelatine, which is a fluorescent dye. With this compound the penetration behaviour of gelatine into paper can be observed. For the purification of the gelatine conjugate, a ECOPLUS glass column packed with SEC material was used.

Purification of gelatine with glass columns

Using aqueous SEC at 25°C, the free fluorescent dye could be removed almost completely from the labelled gelatine. Furthermore, E. Hummert et al. evaluated the suitability of prepacked, disposable columns for the purification of gelatine conjugates. The disposable cartridges showed a number of disadvantages.

With the YMC glass column, they received improved chromatographic results:

Increased throughput and higher loadability: Doubled the sample volume could be injected!

Improved resolution: Excellent separation of the free dye and the labelled conjugate

You can read the results of this study in the product information.

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