• Handy accessory for packing glass columns


Handy accessory for packing glass columns

Aug 24 2021

Packing adapters for glass columns

Packing adapters are a valuable addition to your glass column. If the required volume exceeds the maximum column volume, packing adapters provide the additional capacity needed. Especially handy: For each ECO and ECOPLUS glass column inner diameter, there is a specific packing adapter. This guarantees that for every column ID, the optimum packing results are achieved.

Exceptional flow properties

The inner diameter and shape of the glass bodies of the column and the packing adapter are exactly the same. Securely and tightly fixated by the coupling unit, the main column and additional glass body form one unit. This guarantees an even flow path.

Since the same piston is used as for the main column, the flow is distributed optimally through a fully porous frit. In conclusion, the packing material settles homogenously and a uniform packing density is achieved over the entire bed length.

Full flexibility and long-lasting hardware

The coupling units are designed to fit every column of the related product line with the same ID. This allows the use of one packing adapter for several columns. In addition, as the columns use the same glass body as the packing adapter, the length of the column and the packing adapter can be easily rearranged by combining or exchanging for different lengths.

Maintenance, cleaning and exchanging spare parts is performed rapidly and easily. Each packing adapter is tested on pressure stability and functionality.

Fast to assemble, easy to use

ECO and ECOPLUS coupling units are quickly connected to the main column via the exact same locking mechanism. No tools are required. When the consolidation of the packing material is finished, the excess solvent in the packing tube can be conveniently removed via a syringe, so wastage of resin and solvent is minimised.

After removing the packing adapter, the column is ready for the compression stage and you are one step closer to your perfectly packed column.

You want to read more about the packing adapters for YMC glass columns? Read the product information including specifications and ordering guide.

Or you want to know who YMC glass columns are packed with soft gels step-by step? Here is our packing guide.

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