• Next-generation biochromatography equipment for protein purification in batch and continuous modes


Next-generation biochromatography equipment for protein purification in batch and continuous modes

Jun 15 2015

Novasep announces the launch of BioSC® Lab, the next-generation low pressure chromatography equipment for the biopharmaceutical industry. With BioSC Lab, scientists can purify a few grams of proteins per day either in continuous, batch or even parallel batch modes. 

Its simulation software BioSC Predict frees the process developer to set the most efficient mode and parameters to purify biomolecules such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), blood factors and other proteins.

“Scientists are now asking for solutions to turn their traditional batch chromatography processes into continuous ones as early as the R&D stage. BioSC Lab is designed to support this switch,” said Jean-LucBeulay, global product development director of Novasep’s Biopharma Business Unit. ”BioSC Lab has all those features state-of-the-art chromatography equipment must have in terms of reliability and efficiency. What makes it unique is its flexibility in process operating modes. It is specifically designed to quickly provide the operator with the best operating parameters for purifying and converting a batch biochromatography method into a continuous, optimised one.”

“Regulatory institutions such as the FDA have been making recommendations to the pharma industry to switch from traditional batch to continuous processes for many years,” said Alain Lamproye, president of Novasep’s BioPharma BU. “We believe BioSC Lab, powered by the BioSC Predict simulation software, is the perfect tool to help scientists make this leap. We anticipate strong interest from the market, where there is a huge demand for cutting manufacturing costs, reducing equipment footprint and increasing process yields.” 

BioSC Lab is the first in a line of next-generation chromatography equipment that Novasep will introduce to the market over the next few years.

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