• High-pressure fittings from GL Sciences


High-pressure fittings from GL Sciences

Feb 21 2023

This is an introduction to High-pressure fittings from GL Sciences. High-pressure fittings are developed for being used on UHPLC columns, which consist of a stainless-steel nut and a special reusable ferrule. The ferrule, by using two components—one made of stainless steel, the other made of PEEK—adapts to variations in the connection type of the UHPLC column, could highly contribute on eliminating dead volume.

The fittings are available in both thumbnut and hex-nut type. The thumbnut version lets your customers use pressures of up to 50 MPa simply by finger tightening. There is no need for them to secure the fitting with a wrench, making it easy to connect to any LC columns including our columns. However, if they need to work with much higher pressures, the hex-nut version is the one should be chosen. Because it can be tightened with a wrench, it could withstand pressure as high as 140 MPa. This makes it ideal for connecting tubes to high- pressure valves.

We are pleased to introduce our lineup of LC products. If you need samples, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to provide them.

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