• Unique Technology Provides High Efficiency Solid Phase Extraction

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Unique Technology Provides High Efficiency Solid Phase Extraction

Oct 27 2020

INTip Solid Phase Extraction (pipette tips containing sorbent) from DPX Technologies utilises a patented technology known as Dispersive Pipette XTRaction. This device is unique from all other SPE devices because sorbent is loosely contained within a pipette tip. The disperser in XTR tips helps to perturb the sample solution and loose sorbent during aspirate and dispense steps. This mixing provides a highly efficient interaction of the sorbent with the analyte of interest resulting in ideal analyte recoveries and reduced matrix effects.

Traditional SPE in the form of cartridges or 96-well plate options allow sample, wash and elution solvents to flow through the sorbent in one direction. SPE cartridges are not automation compatible with most high throughput platforms. While 96-well plate formats are amenable to automation, additional hardware like a vacuum or positive pressure manifold is required. Dispersive Pipette XTRaction takes seconds due to the efficiency of dispersive mixing, and entire workflows can be completely automated in as little as five minutes. INTip SPE is a cost effective SPE solution reducing not only direct costs, but in-direct costs including solvent consumption and LC-MS/MS maintenance. Dispersive Pipette XTRaction methods are versatile and can be customised for specific workflows, including those requiring high sensitivity and/or utilising low sample volume.

Pipette tips are easy-to-use and easy-to-automate. XTR tips are available on Hamilton Robotics, Gerstel, epMotion, Integra Systems and manual handheld pipettors. XTR tips can hold 1 - 100 mg of sorbent depending on the tip size and format. Sorbent chemistries are available in a range of phases for selectivity of a diverse spectrum of analytes. DPX offers complete customisation of the sorbent inside the tip to allow for varying masses, mixed mode combinations and options like adding salt necessary for SALLE (Salt Assisted Liquid-Liquid Extraction). Adding salt (S) to sorbents like WAX or RP (example WAX-S or RP-S) creates an easy way to perform SALLE with the added cleanup mechanism of the SPE sorbent. There are a number of applications notes and publication references on the DPX website for Dispersive Pipette XTRaction methods.

Download resources for INTip methods and applications.

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