• Innovative Filtration Technology to Help Prevent Clogging of LC Columns

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Innovative Filtration Technology to Help Prevent Clogging of LC Columns

Nov 25 2020

DPX Technologies developed a patent-pending Tip-on-Tip (ToT) technology as a natural progression of their INTip product lines designed to promote the simplification and automation of complex sample preparation. ToT technology combines a bottom Filtration tip with a top wide bore conductive tip. The top tip aspirates a sample solution, fits into the Filtration tip, and dispenses the sample through the Filtration tip providing a clean, particulate-free solution. Filtration tips are available in a variety of porosities.

ToT Filtration has broad applicability, including forensic, clinical, bioanalytical, organic synthesis and cannabis sample preparation. The methodology provides an automated alternative to traditional filtration/centrifugation. ToT filtration is ideal for high-throughput online protein precipitation, beta-glucuronidase removal, or any other application requiring particulate removal. Particulates can be removed down to less than 1 µm to prevent clogging of LC columns.

ToT Filtration can be modified to incorporate sorbent for more extensive purification. These workflows can centre around binding matrix to the sorbent (ToT Cleanup) where the filtrate has purified analyte to be further analysed or around binding the analyte (ToT SPE) to be further washed and eluted. In each workflow, the sorbent and sample solution are mixed in a well for binding to occur. The top tip aspirates the sorbent/sample mixture, fits into the Filtration tip, and dispenses through the Filtration tip where the sorbent is retained, as seen in the image provided. These workflows are compatible with a variety of commercially available chemistries.

ToT Cleanup or SPE methodologies are ideal for applications that require specific incubation conditions between sorbent and sample solution, like immunoaffinity purification. This provides an automated, cost effective alternative to workflows that traditionally use magnetic beads. Filtration tips are compatible with budget friendly polymer- and agarose-based resins; designed to eliminate particulates in the elution and maximise the utility of the automated liquid handling system.

The beauty in this technology is that customers can utilise their existing chemistries/workflow and use Filtration tips for ToT Cleanup or SPE to automate that workflow. DPX has application notes and a Tip-on-Tip technology guide online with images and schematics covering steps for varying workflows.

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