• Why Particle Size Distribution is Important in Chromatographic Resins


Why Particle Size Distribution is Important in Chromatographic Resins

Aug 06 2019

For chromatographic applications from lab to process-scale, the more uniform your resin beads are manufactured to be, the better your process will usually perform. Data shows that uniform particle sizes in chromatography resins result in improved kinetics, resolution, packing properties and performance consistency.

Traditionally, batch suspension polymerisation is used to manufacture chromatographic resins, whether it is an agarose, styrenic or acrylic polymer back bone. However, this technology - whilst a robust and proven method - produces resin beads that have a relatively wide particle-size distribution, requiring extensive screening to achieve the column performance demanded in modern processes. Batch suspension polymerisation utilises solvents, and can be a more wasteful process, with yields as low as 40%. 

Purolite® Jetting technology is a solvent-free, streamlined manufacturing method, which produces uniform particle size beads, eliminating the need for the time-consuming screening process. Jetting technology gives manufacturing yields of 100%, reducing raw material wastage and lead times, enabling us to pass those savings on to our customers. This also ensures that Purolite® Jetted chromatography resins reduce the environmental impact as a manufacturer considerably. 

Purolite® Life Sciences are the only chromatography resin supplier in the world with the ability to manufacture process-scale volumes of both copolymer and agarose-based products with a narrow, uniform particle size distribution for enhanced performance.

Purolite® Life Sciences bring innovative thinking and a distinguished history of resin technology expertise to the global Life Sciences marketplace. Over three decades, Purolite® has grown into the world’s premier resin technology manufacturer and innovation leader, with production plants and advanced research laboratories across the globe.

For more information about products, or to discuss how Purolite can assist your journey to process excellence, please visit the website.

More information online: https://ilmt.co/PL/Ld9P

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