• Platforms Ideal for Peptide Analysis and Isolation Announced

Platforms Ideal for Peptide Analysis and Isolation Announced

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The focus on biotherapeutics has taken off as a significant number of peptides are being identified as potential solutions to manage, minimise or cure a variety of health ailments, such as metabolic disorders, infections and cancer. According to Grand View Research, the market size is very significant as it could reach US$48 billion in 2025, therefore the opportunity is difficult to ignore for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Peptides are thought of being efficient and potent active ingredients; their analysis and purification requires chromatography, in particular, many samples are separated and isolated using reversed phase mode. Kromasil materials are well established in the market and through the years they have become essential peptide chromatographic solutions from research and development to manufacture.

Kromasil has two platforms ideal for peptides: Kromasil Classic with C18, C8, C4 and Phenyl derivatisations as well as Kromasil EternityXT with C18, C8 and PhenylHexyl. These stationary phases are used across the globe by peptide experts where the fact that Kromasil Classic and EternityXT platforms are offered from 1.8 to 16 µm, gives professionals peace of mind that the work done at the research stage can be seamlessly transferred to other parts of their organisation to continue with the development cycle of promising drugs without having to lose weeks or even months tweaking methods. The image illustrates the separation of a peptide sample using Kromasil EternityXT C8 under UHPLC conditions. As seen in the image, there the is complete separation between the compounds to a point where the conditions employed are such that scaleup is easy and significant overloading of the column can be done to eliminate impurities, obtain material for future characterisation, patient trials and move to full production.

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