• Achieving Precise Reagent Dispensing Accuracy  


Achieving Precise Reagent Dispensing Accuracy  

May 16 2023

Testa Analytical has unveiled its latest innovation in the form of a new PC App. This cutting-edge application aims to enhance the versatility of their renowned Solvent Line Monitor device while simplifying its operation for users.

The newly developed PC App offers a seamless configuration process, empowering users to effortlessly adjust the desired level of sensitivity for monitoring undissolved gas bubbles. These bubbles can have a significant impact on the precision of reagent dispensing pumps.

The impact of dissolved gases on the performance of reagent dispensing pumps is a well-known challenge. Although installing a vacuum degasser on the pump's inlet side is a common solution, it does not effectively address the issue of undissolved gas bubbles. These bubbles can pass through the degasser unaffected, leading to potential inaccuracies in dispensing volumes and compromising reliability.

To overcome this issue, many companies have turned to the Solvent Line Monitor as a real-time solution for detecting undissolved gas bubbles. By utilising this innovative device, organisations can actively monitor their dispensing processes and receive instant digital output when an undissolved gas bubble is detected. This information is then utilised to halt the operation of the dispensing pump, preventing any negative impact on dispensing accuracy. The implementation of the Solvent Line Monitor has yielded significant improvements in product quality and production yield for these companies.

Extensive studies and practical applications have demonstrated the invaluable role of the Solvent Line Monitor as a monitoring device in safeguarding the performance of HPLC systems. This innovative tool proves particularly effective in detecting and preventing issues arising from undissolved gas bubbles and the risk of a pump solvent reservoir running dry.

More information online: https://www.testa-analytical.com/chemistry-equipment.html

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