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Chromatography Success Stories

Oct 21 2010

How to go green, make a lot of green, and leave the competition green with envy.
Regis Technologies is a contract manufacturer whose unique specialty is SFC separations performed under GMP using Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) from Waters.

In fact, Regis technicians routinely use this green method of chromatography from Waters to handle the most delicate procedures, such as impurity collections down to one-tenth-of-one-percent impurity for toxicology studies. The ability to pull such miniscule fractions is critical to success.

Not long ago, a biotech client working on a cancer drug urgently needed more pure material in order to continue clinical trials at a larger dosage. With the SFC equipment already fully optimized, Regis gave the green light to manufacturing 24/7 for 34 days straight.

They not only completed the project successfully, they finished one week early. Hear the entire story from Regis Technologies.

Problem peppers put UK in a pickle. UPLC/MS/MS helps prevent a repeat.

The United Kingdom had a pepper problem of prodigious proportions. A 40,000-pound shipment of chili peppers was imported from a foreign country, converted into food products, and then distributed far and wide. That’s when the government discovered that the peppers contained Sudan Red, a dye that’s ok in furniture wax and floor polish, but hardly in food. The resulting food recall was one of the largest in history.

The challenge of making sure unsafe chemicals, like Sudan Red, never took another ride on a pack of peppers again fell to Certified Laboratories, a leader in food safety. Aided by the American Spice Trade Council, Certified Laboratories has been able to utilize Waters technology and analytical science to detect Sudan Red in chili peppers prior to entering the country.

Much of our food comes from all over the world. Waters technology is helping companies like Certified Laboratories ensure the foods we import are safe for human consumption. Hear the entire story from Certified Laboratories.

Separating record breakers from rule breakers in record time.

Members of the Drug Control Center at King’s College London are already gearing up for the Olympics of 2012. They won’t be running in any events; they’ll be running drug tests on the Olympic competitors.

Every year, more and more forbidden substances enter the athletic arena. The challenge is to detect the new drugs and do it as quickly as possible. For the Olympics, testing results must be back in 24 hours, which means the analysis needs to be completed in about 8 hours, allowing the remaining time for possible re-testing, confirming results, gathering results, etc.

With so much at stake and the whole world watching, the toxicology team at King’s College London uses Waters ACQUITY UPLC®/tandem MS. Why? Three reasons:

The analysis is significantly quicker
Prep time is significantly shorter
Sensitivity is significantly higher because of the lower flow rates
The 2012 Olympic Games may still be years away, but the scientists are already off and running. Hear the entire story from King’s College London.

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