• Ion Chromatography User Seminars in Europe


Ion Chromatography User Seminars in Europe

May 30 2013

Attend our Ion Chromatography User Seminars in Denmark (June 6), Germany (June 13, Sep 5 & 10),  UK (July 16) or Ireland (Sep 24).

Learn how sensitivity, resolution, and ease-of-use are taken to a whole new level, simplifying ion chromatography while increasing the power and reproducibility of ion analysis.

Topics include:

  • HPIC: High-Pressure IC brings Speed and Resolution to Ion Chromatography
  • High-Pressure Capillary IC systems: Combining increased speed and mass sensitivity for expanded capabilities and improved performance.
  • High-Efficiency 4 μm Columns for High Resolution and Fast Run Times
  • In-line Sample Clean-up
  • New Superior Data Processing and Automation Capabilities with Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Chromeleon™ 7.2
  • Overview on Recent Applications

Hear about the latest news from experts in ion chromatography, useful tips and tricks, and network with our ion chromatography specialists and other IC Users.

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