• eVol® XR Hand-Held Automated Analytical Syringe


eVol® XR Hand-Held Automated Analytical Syringe

Jun 22 2016

The first step in most analytical methods is making analytical calibration standards. This typically involves making serial dilutions from a stock standard solution. The precision and accuracy demanded for these dilutions has traditionally required the use of manual pipettes, which is time-consuming and results in lost productive time washing glassware. Additionally, manual pipette use is prone to errors introduced by variability in user technique. The eVol XR combines a digitally controlled electronic drive with precision analytical syringes. The result is a positive-displacement dispensing system that is easily programmed to perform a variety of liquid handling procedures both accurately and reproducibly.

Key Benefits

  • User-independent precision and accuracy
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Dedicated syringes prevent cross contamination
  • Gravimetric calibration by user.

Everyone is an Expert
The ease-of-use and programmability of the eVol XR hand-held automated analytical Syringe makes anyone using it an expert in fluid handling. All aspects of volumetric fluid transfer, including aspiration rate, dispensing rate and sample volume are controlled by the digital drive. This decreases the possibility of variation from one user to another and eliminates concern over pipetting technique when making dilutions. Workflow scheduling issues related to operator expertise are eliminated. Additionally, fewer errors in sample processing reduce the number of samples that must be re-analysed.

Touch Wheel Control
A full-colour display and a convenient touch wheel controller make using the eVol easy. The touch wheel uses a menu-driven approach similar to popular music devices. Intuitive functions include help screens and prompts make programming and use effortless.

XCHANGE Analytical Syringes
XCHANGE analytical syringes can be easily and quickly changed. This allows the user to choose the best syringe for the volume being measured. It also allows the user to dedicate individual syringes to specific liquids or methods, reducing the possibility of cross-contamination. Only three XCHANGE syringes are required to dispense liquid volumes from 0.2 μL up to 1000 μL. A starter kit includes 5, 100, and 1000 µL syringes.

World’s First User-Calibrated Analytical Syringe
Compliance with laboratory standards such as GLP, GMP, and FDA, requires regular calibration of liquid measuring devices. Calibration is typically done outside the laboratory, resulting in additional cost and a loss in productivity. The eVol XR hand-held automated analytical syringe can be calibrated using only a liquid of known density and an analytical balance. Microsoft® Excel worksheets provide a mechanism for calculating the required calibration factor and recording calibration records to document compliance. Calibration factors can be stored for up to 10 XCHANGE syringes and can be quickly loaded when the syringe is changed.

Typical Applications for eVol XR

  • Preparation of calibration standards
  • Addition of internal standards
  • Precise dispensing of liquids
  • Sample dilution.

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