• Boost your preparative chromatography results with the best in class stationary phase


Boost your preparative chromatography results with the best in class stationary phase

Feb 27 2019

The aim of Kromasil products is to offer you the lowest possible total purification cost by providing the highest quality silica-based HPLC, SMB and SFC packing material available. The superior loadability and lifetime mean you can reduce the cost for solvent and other parts, and increase productivity. The packing material is at the center of purification, and the single most important factor that determines the performance of your processes.

In preparative chromatography, high loading capacity is key to high productivity and the best overall economy in your small and large scale HPLC, SMB or SFC. A high available surface area for your target compound, together with an optimised surface chemistry to maximise the separation factor, will result in high productivity and low purification costs.

In principle, a high surface area can be obtained by increasing the pore volume. However, this will normally result in a weaker material, with low mechanical strength. Kromasil combines a high pore volume, resulting in a high surface area, with extremely high mechanical strength. This is unique among silica-based packing materials. In addition, the pore size distribution is very small, resulting in a high available surface area. Further, Kromasil’s well-defined chemistry, with a high density of adsorption sites, ensures that the peaks will remain narrow even under high loading, resulting in a cost-effective preparative procedure.

In today’s HPLC, SMB and SFC systems, the aim is to use small efficient particles for resolution but also materials that can resist high mechanical stress due to the hardware they are packed in. You can use Kromasil with confidence as the materials have very high stability.

Kromasil products are provided in four different platforms Classic, Eternity, Chiral and SFC. Here we present you with an example on the purification of natural compounds using our latest reversed phase EternityXT chemistry, C8. As seen in the figure, the stationary phase material has high loadability, and combined with optimal eluent conditions it is possible to reach purities above 99% for both capsaicin and dehydrocapsaicin. In addition, under these conditions, the yield is above 98% for both compounds. This example illustrates the capacity of Kromasil materials to help the chromatographer succeed in preparative chromatography.

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