• Intelligent Partial Loop (MiPT) Technique in Ion Chromatography


Intelligent Partial Loop (MiPT) Technique in Ion Chromatography

Aug 11 2011

When using ion chromatography, in order to avoid overloading of the separation column and achieve the best detection limits for analysis, it is often necessary to adjust the injection loop volume to the concentration of the sample.

With the novel Metrohm intelligent partial loop technique (MiPT) it is possible to inject different sample volumes with just one fixed injection loop, which facilitates a broad range of sample concentrations to be analysed without any changes to the system and also to conveniently perform a multi-point calibration with just one multi ion standard. Due to the logical features of the MagIC Net controlling software, the partial loop technique can even be used as an alternative to intelligent dilution and could also be combined with other techniques such as ultrafiltration.

MiPT is a novel and unique setup that can be added to any 850 Professional IC, 881 Compact IC pro or 882 Compact IC plus in combination with the intelligent 800 Dosino in combination with the 858 Professional Sample Processor with rinsing station. The Dosino dosing unit allows sample volumes between 2-200µl to be injected quickly and precisely into the ion chromatography instrument and this principal can be applied to the calibration standards so that it is possible to prepare a mg l-1 to µg l-1 calibration with no handling of individual standards which can be both time consuming and introduce possible errors.

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