• Intelligent 882 Compact IC Plus for the Analysis of Anions, Cations or Organic Acids


Intelligent 882 Compact IC Plus for the Analysis of Anions, Cations or Organic Acids

Mar 12 2009

With the introduction of the third generation of Ion Chromatography (IC) instruments from Metrohm, the concept of Intelligence as standard was introduced and Metrohm brought a number of firsts to the IC market.

Intelligence in the hardware of Metrohm Professional IC Instruments meant the first pump with a chip that records its working life and self optimizes the piston stroke (iPump), a digital detector that has a single working range between 0-15000μS without the need for auto ranging (iDetector), the powerful MagIC Net software with the intelligence to process logical decisions yet intuitive enough for novice use and the first columns for IC (iColumn) where the analysis history is recorded (number of injections, maximum flow, pressure etc) and can be transferred from (Professional) instrument to instrument.

The 882 Compact IC Plus is an Intelligent IC for the determination of anions with chemical suppression and features the iPump, iDetector and iColumn with control using the Intelligent MagIC Net Software. The same instrument can easily be used to determine cations or organic acids with a simple change of column and plumbing. The 882 Compact IC Plus was developed for routine work to meet demanding analytical requirements in the μg/L to g/L ranges. The detection limits are less than 1 μg/L and the intelligent system components guarantee accurate and precise results and exclude nearly all operational errors.

The system is fully upgradeable and can be completely automated and combined with Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation techniques such as inline ultrafiltration, dilution or dialysis so that sample preparation time is reduced and automated. The Intelligent and precise Dosino liquid handling units can be added at any point and these can be used to transfer the sample or prepare the eluent inline such is the flexibility with Intelligent IC from Metrohm.

The Intelligent 882 Compact IC Plus from Metrohm comes with a ten year suppressor warranty and a three year instrument warranty as standard – Metrohm IC is proven to have the lowest cost of ownership in the IC market place.

To learn more about the Intelligent 882 Compact IC Plus for the analysis of anions, cations or organic acids then please contact the IC Competence Centre on 01280 824824 or enquiry@metrohm.co.uk, where we will be delighted to provide further information.

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