• “Practical Chiral Chromatography – a User’s Perspective” breakfast seminar


“Practical Chiral Chromatography – a User’s Perspective” breakfast seminar

Jun 29 2011

Hichrom Limited have launched a new breakfast seminar – “Practical Chiral Chromatography – a User’s Perspective.” This seminar is being held in Cambridge (27th July), Oxford (28th September), York (26th October) and Manchester (23rd November) and costs just £25.

Intended as an introduction to the technique and specifically aimed at end users in the field, this short seminar will give an understanding of the processes involved and the current approaches to chiral analysis conducted in industry. Written from an end-users perspective, this course is ideal for those chromatographers involved in practical chiral method development and those who want to develop more robust methodology that is fit for purpose.

This course represents a valuable opportunity to develop and improve your chiral chromatography skills with one of Europe’s leading chiral experts. Dr. Brian Montgomery has almost 2 decades of experience working in Pharma R&D, with extensive practical knowledge of chiral chromatographic method development. He has been responsible for the introduction, development and application of chiral LC and chiral SFC technology working in early Drug Discovery, led a Purification team concentrating on chiral LC/SFC applications and been training scientists in the skills necessary for chiral chromatography at both analytical and preparative levels for many years.

Hichrom is confident that the techniques you will hear about on these courses will provide you with many ideas for improving the efficiency in your laboratory – in fact it is guaranteed. If after 6 months you have not been able to recover the registration fees by applying what you have learnt from the courses, your money will be refunded.

To book, or for more information on this course, simply click here 1 or contact Hichrom Limited on 0118 930 3660 or seminars@hichrom.co.uk

For information on Hichrom’s other HPLC training courses please click here 2

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