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Last Minute Hot Deals on HPLC Training Courses!

Oct 19 2009

Book the Introduction to Practical HPLC Course in November for £395.00 + VAT and get the Intermediate Practical HPLC Course worth £395.00 + VAT for free!

The Introduction to Practical HPLC Course lasts two days. The first day is in the training room, covering isocratic HPLC, reversed phase columns, UV and RI detection and an introduction to integration. The practical day involves running a mix of five components, establishing the separation, identifying the peaks and setting up integration conditions. We then make up a master standard and a series of five dilutions, and set up a multipoint external standard calibration. We run the standards in duplicate to complete the calibration and discuss the results, including any differences between duplicates, reasons why retention times may have drifted, the consequences of any air bubbles etc. We use a different column for each HPLC system, so in some cases the peak elution order is different, so we can see the difference between different C18 and C8 phases. Finally we each run some unknowns, and compare results, hopefully getting pretty close to the correct answer, even though the separations on different columns often look quite different. We discuss the results, and consider why one group may have got different answers.

Courses run on 3/4th November + 5/6th November, and again 10/11th November + 12/13th November

Book the Advanced Practical HPLC Course in November for £795.00 + VAT and get both the Introduction and Intermediate Courses for free saving £790.00 + VAT!

In the last 10 years, hundreds of people have attended the Advanced Practical HPLC Course from 23 countries all over the world, and every single one has said that the course either met or exceeded their expectations! This is the most comprehensive HPLC course on the market, and has a challenge for everyone. It is intensive, covers HPLC from A-Z, but gets the top reviews from all who have attended. This course has a course dinner, and ends with an assessment, which many participants say is the most useful part of the course!

The course runs from the16th-20th November, so all three courses can be taken as a crash course if required.

Book the Masterclass in Modern HPLC series in 2009, and save £505.00 + VAT

This is a new series of 6 x 1-day courses to be run one every two months during 2010. It covers even more than the Advanced Course, it requires a commitment of only one day every two months so there is little time required away from the lab, and no overnight stays. And it is run in 6 locations around the UK, so there is no long-distance travel. It is designed for Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and is accredited by various professional bodies.

Please see www.hplccourses.com for course content, a booking form, accommodation information and the other 21 HPLC courses we offer. Payment can be by bank transfer or credit card

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