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Jul 28 2010

Our customers demand two very important things:

  • a broad range of world class products
  • at world beating prices

We take these two vital ingredients and add a third:

  • expert technical assistance and professional services

Here’s just a few ways you can take advantage of the 100’s of years of chromatography knowledge within our training, technical support and analytical laboratory staff.

Crawford Scientific Fast HPLC Method Development Challenge
Challenge our Method Developers to improve your chromatography and bring the benefits of Sub 2um silica or superficially porous silica technology.

We will take your existing methods and deliver you a Buy and Try ZORBAX Confidence column and demonstrate how we can improve the throughput or resolution of you current method.


Zorbax Column Selector
Visit the Zorbax Column Selector to see which column is right for your application from our wide range of Zorbax columns from Agilent Technologies – you may even qualify for a discount or free gift after using this online tool!

The expert helper and guide that you always wanted – right on your desktop.

Developed with industry experts at LCGC Magazine, CHROMacademy brings you:

  • e-learning
  • articles and comment from LCGC magazine authors
  • applications
  • industry news
  • live teaching and webcasts
  • ‘ask the expert’


The social and professional network for chromatographers.

  • Get involved in the Big Chromatography Conversations…….
  • Get advice from 1000’s of peers and fellow chromatographers from over 65 countries
  • Post questions in the forum
  • Latest developments and events in Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry

Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Training
More courses, more venues, more established and more value from the largest independent Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry training company in Europe.

Classroom days, Practical Courses in the Laboratory and Courses delivered at your own site – we can tailor our training delivery to suit your individual needs.

NEW COURSE PROGRAM - Click on any of the following course titles for availability from our new 2010-11 course calendar:

Fundamental HPLC
HPLC Troubleshooting
HPLC Method Development
Fundamental GC
GC Troubleshooting
GC Method Development
LC-MS for the Chromatographer
GC-MS for the Chromatographer
LC-MS Interpretation
GC-MS Interpretation
Analytical Method Validation
Solid Phase Extraction

Analytical Services
Visit the Crawford Scientific website to see how our highly equipped analytical laboratory can help you with the following services:

• HPLC / GC Method Development and Validation
• Column Selection and Classification
• Method Validation
• Stability indicating method development and impurity characterization
• Extractable Profile and Leachable Studies
• Genotoxic Impurity Identification and Analysis

and a host of other services……….

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