• Online Seminar: Introduction to Preparative HPLC and learn from the experts!

Liquid Chromatography

Online Seminar: Introduction to Preparative HPLC and learn from the experts!

Sep 26 2023

Are you new to the field of preparative HPLC?

Then this training will be a very good introduction! You will learn all the important basics of preparative liquid chromatography, including what are the differences between analytical and preparative chromatography, which parameters are important and how does the scale-up work?

Short and Sweet: Contents and Learning Objectives

  • Differences between analytical and preparative chromatography
  • Important preparative process parameters: purity, yield, and productivity – the “triangle” of preparative chromatography
  • Outline of preparative method development: three steps to your preparative method

And with a little more detail...

The aim of preparative chromatography is to purify and isolate a target compound with a maximum sample recovery in the shortest cycle time within cost limitations. But how can you reach this? In this seminar you will learn everything about linear scale-up. This is the most comprehensive approach for method development in preparative LC and consists of the following steps.

At first you need to develop your method at analytical scale. This is the basis for your preparative process, and necessary for the analysis of your collected fractions. The focus here is on appropriate selectivity for the largest possible loading. Additional important aspects are the choice of the most appropriate separation mode, the optimum stationary phase, particle and pore size, as well as considerations for the mobile phase.

With your optimised method as a basis, you can start with loadability studies on the analytical scale. For this purpose, different loading strategies and their influence on the chromatographic behaviour will be presented in the seminar, as well as the most important aspects of the correct feed solution composition.

In the end you will learn how to use the linear scale-up factor for the transfer to the preparative scale.

Your own process development work will be further supported by expert tips and examples of process optimisations.

In this seminar you will learn how to:

  • reduce effort in method development
  • minimise sample volume required
  • lower costs for method development

Additional Information

Date: 18.10.2023, 10 am (CET), duration 2 hours

Price: 220 €/269 CHF p. P.

Including seminar documents and certificate of participation.

You can find more information here or download the registration form directly.

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