• New Ion Chromatograph Equipped with a Built-in Electrodialytic Suppressor Launched

Ion Chromatography (IC)

New Ion Chromatograph Equipped with a Built-in Electrodialytic Suppressor Launched

Jul 28 2020

Shimadzu UK are pleased to announce the launch of the new ion chromatograph (HIC-ESP) equipped with a built-in electrodialytic suppressor ICDS-40A

This newly developed anion suppressor minimises band spreading and achieves high sensitivity for the quantitative determination of anions. The ICDS-40A uses an ion-exchange membrane. The continuous regeneration system eliminates the need to switch between analysis and regeneration processes and contributes to shortening the analysis cycle time and building a simple system configuration. Because the anion suppressor uses effluent from the detector as regenerant, it eliminates the need for cumbersome offline regeneration with environmentally unfriendly solutions such as sulphuric acid. The small internal volume design reduces peak dispersion and improves the quantification precision for fluoride ions (F-), which have a particularly short retention time and notoriously more challenging to determine at low concentrations.

In addition, the system’s compact design contributes to the effective use of laboratory space with an installation width that is about half that of current systems on the market. This user-friendly ion chromatograph integrates seamlessly with Shimadzu’s LabSolutions platform. It lets users easily manage settings for IC analysis parameters, continuous analysis, auto-shutdown, data processing and report creation. Data integrity is assured with the addition of LabSolutions DB and LabSolutions CS.

The HIC-ESP covers a wide range of applications in environmental testing, pharma, chemistry and food sciences. Two types of systems are available: a metal (SUS)-based type with excellent liquid flow stability and another made of inert material.

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