• Comprehensive HPLC Method Development Course with DryLab


Comprehensive HPLC Method Development Course with DryLab

Sep 27 2012

HPLC Training Course
Berlin: November 5th – 6th, 2012 / May 6th – 7th, 2013

This course teaches the basic principles and technologies for the development of robust and transferable HPLC methods, with the help of the leading method development software, DryLab. Topics covered include the development of new methods and adjustment of old ones, improvement of problematic methods, and the reduction of run time while preserving the desired selectivity.

Course participants will be guided by several examples through a comprehensive method development process, from basic one-parameter to multi-parameter optimizations. Participants will learn to develop their methods systematically, and to save time by taking robustness, run-time, and separation of all components into consideration simultaneously. Additionally, they will learn to use DryLab models to satisfy the modern requirements for robustness control (Quality by Design, Design Space), and for method adaptation and troubleshooting.

HPLC for Advanced Users: Quality by Design in HPLC Method Development
Berlin: November 7th, 2012 / May 8th, 2013

This course covers the modern approach to HPLC method development, which is based on the FDA’s principles of “Quality by Design” (QbD). QbD is attained by rigorous scientific testing to find the best combination of parameters and factors, such that various features of a process can be optimized.

DryLab HPLC method development helps users better grasp the complex relationship between parameters and their influence on the experimental outcome. DryLab’s resolution maps permit participants to visualize the most robust working regions and to plan subsequent tests without running further experiments. Only the optimum separations need to be verified by experiment, thus allowing users to avoid random and unnecessary testing.

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We encourage users to bring their own data to our courses, where they will receive personal advice and consultation from both our company’s president and product manager.

A little more about DryLab
DryLab is the ultimate chromatography and optimization software. This world renowned software simplifies and speeds up the process of developing robust and fast chromatographic separations. Our latest version, DryLab®4, combines 25 years of development and chromatographic expertise with the latest advanced modeling technologies, offering you:

  • Advanced peak tracking tools and multi-dimensional model calculations in a single software package
  • Evaluation of the influence of flow rate, column dimensions, gradient, and instrument parameters, without further experimentation
  • Multi-factorial modeling and visualization of critical resolution and selectivity changes, excellent transparency, and flexibility
  • User friendly window management, personalized layout, and new visualization tools

For information about DryLab, please visit our website: www.molnar-institute.com

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