• New cHiPLC®-nanoflex System Enhances NanoLC for Proteomics


New cHiPLC®-nanoflex System Enhances NanoLC for Proteomics

Jun 15 2009

Eksigent, a developer of advanced low-flow fluid delivery technologies for drug discovery and other life science applications, introduces the cHiPLC-nanoflex System, delivering improved reproducibility and ease of use
to proteomics research. The system is a docking station for up to three microfluidic chips that contain nanoLC or trap columns. Eksigent’s proprietary EksPortTMmicroconnector system ensures reliable and consistent fluidic connections to facilitate column changes.

Chips can be interchanged in seconds, even by inexperienced users, with minimal dead volume to compromise resolution. The proprietary microfabrication process used for both the trap chips and analytical column
chips delivers exceptional column-to-column reproducibility.

Superior-quality separations and reproducibility are critical to the success of nanoLC-MS-based biomarker validation studies. In these applications, where peptides are measured by multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), the improved column-to-column reproducibility New cHiPLC®-nanoflex System Enhances NanoLC for Proteomics delivered by the cHiPLC-nanoflex helps in obtaining consistent data from large numbers of samples.

The cHiPLC-nanoflex can be added to any of Eksigent’s nanoLC systems. It can also be used with Applied Biosystems Tempo* nano LC systems. cHiPLC-nanoflex and Eksigent’s nanoLC systems can be integrated with
most leading mass spectrometers including Thermo, Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX and Bruker Daltonics. A built-in 10-port nano valve allows for easy switching between different types of experiments
such as direct injection and trap loading.

“Eksigent’s nanoLC systems have already been widely adopted for proteomics LC/MS analysis,” explained Remco van Soest, vice president of product management for Eksigent. “Our new cHiPLC-nanoflex takes the platform to a new level, allowing more users to take advantage of our nano technology.”

Eksigent serves the life science, drug discovery and pharmaceutical industries, expanding customer possibilities with low-flow fluid delivery solutions. From precise separation of precious samples in proteomics research to fast and efficient analytical chromatography to unique medical devices that improve the way drugs are delivered, Eksigent brings novel solutions to customer challenges. The company combines proprietary microfluidic pumping technology with creative approaches that help customers improve productivity and expand their research and market opportunities. Eksigent serves customers throughout the world, including Europe, Asia and Australia, through a growing sales and service network. For more information, visit www.eksigent.com.

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