• ExpressHT™-Ultra HPLC System Delivers High Throughput for Bioanalysis


ExpressHT™-Ultra HPLC System Delivers High Throughput for Bioanalysis

Mar 10 2009

Dublin, CA, December 11, 2008 – Eksigent, a developer of advanced low-flow fluid delivery technologies for drug discovery and other life science applications, introduces the ExpressHT™-Ultra HPLC system, providing short cycle times and high throughput for LC/MS studies of pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism. This new system is the latest offering in the company’s line of products for small molecule analysis.
With cycle times as short as 60 seconds, the ExpressHT-Ultra can run six 96-well sample plates overnight.

Running at a maximum pressure of 10,000 psi, the system enables the use of small particle stationary phases to deliver narrow peaks to the mass spectrometer. Employing columns with diameters of 1 mm or smaller, the Express HT-Ultra uses up to 95 percent less solvent per analysis than traditional HPLC systems, helping customers meet green initiative goals and reduce purchase and disposal costs.

“Drug discovery and development researchers need a higher throughput LC solution to process ever-increasing numbers of samples,” said David Neyer, Ph.D., product manager for Eksigent. “Our proprietary technology delivers fast separations at low flow rates to meet the growing demands of LC/MS applications.”

Eksigent’s proprietary Microfluidic Flow Control (MFC) technology generates accurate and reproducible flow rates from nanoliters per minute to hundreds of microliters per minute. The Eksigent control software includes integrated drivers for the most widely used mass spectrometry programs including Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX Analyst*, Thermo Scientific Xcalibur* and Bruker Daltonics HyStar*.

Eksigent serves the life science, drug discovery and pharmaceutical industries, expanding customer possibilities with low-flow fluid delivery solutions. From precise separation of precious samples in proteomics
research to fast and efficient analytical chromatography to unique medical devices that improve the way drugs are delivered, Eksigent brings novel solutions to customer challenges. The company combines proprietary microfluidic pumping technology with creative approaches that help customers improve productivity and expand their research and market opportunities. Eksigent serves customers throughout the world, including Europe, Asia and Australia, through a growing sales and service network. For more information, visit www.eksigent.com

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