• Solving the Problem of HPLC Throughput Constraints Imposed by Limited Sample Solubility


Solving the Problem of HPLC Throughput Constraints Imposed by Limited Sample Solubility

Mar 13 2009

Slough, UK – Leading liquid chromatography innovator Dynamic Extractions has recently extended its range of HPCCC instruments by adding the Spectrum HPCCC. This instrument features both an analytical coil/column for scouting and method development, and a second coil/column for semi-prep and prep separations.

In many preparative scale HPLC processes, throughput is ultimately limited by sample solubility. In comparison to HPLC, where liquid and solid (respectively mobile and stationary) phases are used, HPCCC instruments allow the use of liquids as both stationary and mobile phases. Such systems have inherent advantages of higher capacity and improved solubilisation and injection characteristics. Rather than the solubility of samples being a limiting factor, it tends towards insignificance since the sample can be injected onto the column in either the mobile or stationary phase or a mixture of both. The sample can also be loaded as either a solution or a suspension, without causing blockages or affecting chromatographic performance.

The Spectrum HPCCC instrument has been specifically designed and developed to provide solutions to problems in discovery and development applications. This instrument allows the separation of samples, including those that are difficult to solubilise, firstly at milligram scale to develop purification methods, and then to scale those methods up , allowing the purification of 1-2 gram crude material per injection. This bench scale instrument allows upwards of 20 grams of crude material to be processed every 8 hours.

It does not end there: other instruments in the range allow the same separation to be scaled easily and speedily to preparative and pilot plant scales. To find out more about these instruments and how they could solve solubility challenges contact Dynamic Extractions at www.dynamicextractions.com/products.html

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