• Thermo Fisher unveils liquid chromatography columns
    Dipole-dipole interactions retain difficult compounds in Thermo Fisher liquid chromatography columns


Thermo Fisher unveils liquid chromatography columns

Jun 24 2010

Thermo Fisher Scientific has unveiled its new Hypersil GOLD hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) columns.

HILIC works by adding water to the highly organic mobile phase to create an adsorbed layer rich in water on the polar stationary phase surface.

Analyte molecules partition into this layer, with dipole-dipole interactions governing retention.

The new columns have been devised in order to support analysis of compounds that may traditionally have been difficult to retain.

Tony Edge, technical manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific, says: "Introducing the HILIC columns furthers our already extensive HPLC and UHPLC product offering, enabling us to build stronger customer relationships by advising on the use of our even broader range of analytical options."

According to the company, its range of chromatography columns includes solutions capable of reducing usage of acetonitrile by as much as four-fifths.

The full range comprises hardware designs, along with complementary chemicals and formats to facilitate laboratory analysis of compounds.

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