• Protein standards boost accuracy of high performance liquid chromatography
    Newly launched reference proteins could improve high performance liquid chromatography accuracy


Protein standards boost accuracy of high performance liquid chromatography

Jun 07 2010

A newly launched library of more than 5,000 human proteins should ensure higher accuracy in high performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry analyses, according to life sciences company OriGene.

The firm has released a library of heavy isotope labelled human proteins to serve as international standards for mass spectrometry analyses featuring single reaction and multiple reaction monitoring (MRM).

"Mass spectrometry - especially MRM - has emerged as a new platform for quantitative characterisation of multiple proteins, thus making it an ideal choice for high-throughput proteomics and clinical biomarker research," the company adds.

With heavy labelled full-length proteins, rather than AQUA or "absolute quantification" peptides, OriGene adds that high performance liquid chromatography accuracy can be improved as proteins can be spiked earlier in sample preparation.

OriGene aims to produce research tools that allow for disease mechanisms to be researched and drugs to be developed based across the entire human genome, with stem cell research and cancer two areas of particular interest.

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