• New Troubleshooting Guide will Help Solve Your HPLC Instrumentation Problems


New Troubleshooting Guide will Help Solve Your HPLC Instrumentation Problems

Jun 12 2009

Have you ever needed a comprehensive reference source to help support your chromatography instrumentation? Anachem Ltd., is pleased to announce the release of the new Gilson HPLC Troubleshooting Guide that will be a valuable tool to enable users to identify and resolve possible problems.

Comprehensive in its approach, this guide provides troubleshooting from a system and a component perspective. References to TRILUTION® LC software, Ethernet and GSIOC Utility software packages are made throughout the guide.

The new Gilson HPLC Troubleshooting Guide includes many reference charts for full system and component troubleshooting. The very first checklist included in the guide is a recommended form that can be used during initial system troubleshooting.

General guidelines for isolating problems related to hardware, software, system (including chromatography), laboratory, computer, etc. are covered in the guide.

Also included are tables listing solutions to common problems for each component category (i.e. pumps, detectors, etc.). This guide also includes the GX products and accessories as well as an Appendix full of reference tables and conversion factors useful to any laboratory chemist.

For further information please contact: Anachem Ltd, tel +44 (0)1582 747501, email response@anachem.co.uk. Or visit www.anachem.co.uk

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