• A Single Browser-Based Application for Analytical Data Handling


A Single Browser-Based Application for Analytical Data Handling

Jul 26 2022

Spectrus JS is the first-ever multi-technique, vendor-agnostic analytical data processing and management software that is accessible from your web browser.

Coming this fall, the first update to ACD/Labs’ browser-based analytical data processing and management application expands its data processing capabilities to new analytical techniques and enhances existing functionalities.

With this update, users can process LC/UV/MS and GC/MS (xC/UV/MS) as well as NMR data in a single software environment, without ever having to download or install anything on their computer. This update will also introduce ACD/Labs’ industry-leading NMR prediction capabilities for spectral simulation, structure assignment, and verification.

Spectrus JS is hosted within an organization and accessed by individual users by navigating to the URL in their browser and logging in. The application’s interface is highly intuitive and configurable, making it suitable for casual users and experts alike.

Everyone can benefit from bringing analytical data processing into the web browser. For researchers and students, enterprise-level tools are at their fingertips when and where it’s convenient for them. For facility managers and IT professionals, individual software installations and maintenance are a thing of the past. And it’s now easier than ever for educators to provide students with hands-on analytical data processing experience.

Discover how easy it is to take advantage of browser-based analytical data processing by reading the application note.

Prefer to try it yourself? NMR data processing is currently available in the first version of Spectrus JS. You can try it free for 3 weeks now.

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