• New High Performance Platform and Chromatography Data System


New High Performance Platform and Chromatography Data System

Oct 15 2009

To meet the demand for clean, dry instrumentquality compressed air for Chromatography in the laboratory, JUN-AIR produces a range of oil-less air compressors that offer an unrivalled combination of low noise levels,
reliability, long life and low maintenance. The compressors are suitable for most types including GC-FID, GCFPD, GC-NPD, GC-ECD, GC-TCD, GC-ATD, GC-AED, GC-ELCD and Hall.

Chromatography uses only a small amount of gas – usually zero air or zero nitrogen. In order to supply the base level air used New High Performance Platform and Chromatography Data System as a flame gas or carrier gas for zero air applications the compressor needs to be fitted with a dryer/scrubber to remove hydrocarbons/CO2.

Most Chromatography applications use oil-less compressors and with decibel ratings as low as 47 dB(A) when housed in an attractive soundproof cabinet, JUN-AIR’s oil-less range has the lowest noise levels available, making them ideal for installation within laboratory environments and even in or near individual workstations.

To ensure the highest air quality throughout the lifetime of the oil-less compressor range, receivers are internally powder-coated to avoid corrosion. Adsorption dryers remove moisture to ensure 100% dry, clean oil free compressed air, with pressure dewpoints of -40 and -70 deg C. The dryer is located upstream of the receiver so the receiver only stores dry air. Units feature a unique cooling system and wearresisting piston rings, and are designed for 100% continuous operation up to 10 bar maximum pressure. Higher pressure units are available.

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