• analytica 2022: Chromatography - Hyperfast and Even More Powerful
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  • © Copyright 2018, Messe München GmbH, all rights reserved


analytica 2022: Chromatography - Hyperfast and Even More Powerful

May 24 2022

Whether in pharmaceutical research, industrial quality control or food and environmental analysis, chromatography is an essential part of a laboratory. analytica will be providing information on new developments and trends in this universal method from June 21 to 24 in Munich. Of the approximately 900 exhibitors at the world's leading trade fair for laboratory technology, analytics and biotechnology, almost 140 companies offer equipment and accessories for chromatography. In addition to industry leaders such as Agilent, Bruker, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Waters, many other manufacturers will present innovative chromatographic processes.

For example, analytica exhibitor RotaChrom will present a system for industrial preparative chromatography that does not require a fixed stationary phase. The technique is based on Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) and is superior to conventional liquid chromatography in terms of yield and purity. Exhibitor HyperChrom in turn accelerates gas chromatography with the Hyperfast GC, which is at least as powerful as five conventional GCs. This saves not only time and laboratory space, but also samplers and mass spectrometers and thus enormous costs. Alkanes up to C60 elute in the hyperfast GC with sharp signals shorter than 60 seconds. Thanks to low starting temperatures, the device is also suitable for highly volatile substances.

In addition, analytica provides information on all accessories for chromatography. The trend toward miniaturization and digitization is unbroken. For example, analytica exhibitor Peak Scientific has developed a small hydrogen generator for the GC. Teckso will exhibit a low volume device for samples with volumes of fewer than two milliliters, which is suitable for the Agilent microgas chromatograph. Swedish manufacturer Biotech combines its Liquid Flow Meter for measuring flow rates in liquid chromatography with an app that continuously records and stores data.

Anyone interested in gas chromatography should note the first day of the scientifically oriented analytica conference. Under the provocative title "Gas chromatography: Boring or is there something new?", speakers from Germany, Belgium and Australia will give talks in the morning on Hyperfast GC, multidimensional GC and the determination of mineral oil contamination (in ICM, Room 5 from 9.30 to 11.30 on June 21). In the afternoon, experts from Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria and Switzerland will focus on the coupling of chromatography to ion mobility mass spectrometry (in ICM, Room 5 from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. and 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. on June 21). Participation in the conference, which will take place at ICM in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition halls from June 21 to 23, is free of charge for all visitors to analytica. The complete program with almost 200 talks on all aspects of modern analysis, bioanalysis and diagnostics can be found here.

When you walk through the exhibition halls, you will also discover many alternatives to the conventional chromatographic separation techniques. For example, at the Dichrom booth at analytica, the HPLC specialist will be exhibiting the first commercial device for electromembrane extraction (EME). It is suitable for the rapid extraction of ionizable analytes from blood and other body fluids as well as from food and environmental samples.

With world premieres and pioneering solutions from analytics, quality control and biotechnology, life sciences and diagnostics, analytica covers the entire spectrum of the laboratory world. Be there when the world's leading trade fair opens its doors soon!

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