• Reliable HPLC performance validation in a regulated lab
    Continuous validation of HPLC performance.
  • Flowmeter Software Driver for Chromatography Data Systems. (courtesy: Testa Analytical)

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Reliable HPLC performance validation in a regulated lab

Dec 18 2023

Testa Analytical has reported the successful testing of its flowmeter software driver in a regulated pharmaceutical laboratory setting. With a focus on seamless integration with various HPLC and GPC/SEC manufacturers' chromatography software packages, the software underwent thorough testing during its development cycle.

Jeanette Ziemba, Technical Manager at Testa Analytical, highlighted the software's extensive evaluation in a leading European pharmaceutical lab. The lab, managing diverse HPLC instruments with different chromatography data systems in a tightly regulated client-server environment, praised the software for its ability to facilitate easy acquisition and traceable logging of flow data from all liquid chromatographs. The software's support for multiple Flowmeters connected to different HPLC systems in both analytical and semi-prep applications was particularly appreciated for its simplifying effect.

Ziemba emphasised the value of saving real-time flow rate data with each chromatogram, citing it as a crucial aid in achieving total quality assessment for various chromatographic systems. The software driver, built on rc.NET technology, demonstrated cross-platform connectivity with Testa Analytical flowmeters and popular Chromatography Data System software packages, including OpenLab (Agilent Corp), Clarity Chromatography Software (DataApex), Empower (Waters Corp), LabSolutions (Shimadzu Corp), and WinGPC Software (Agilent).

She concluded by underlining the software's ability to collect and store real-time flow rate data, along with chromatography detector signals, as a means of enhancing quality assessment and providing continuous validation of compliance with the planned chromatographic separation method. The affordable flowmeter software driver is positioned to complement and extend the capabilities of modern liquid chromatography software packages.

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