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Data Handling

Chromatography Software - Compass CDS

Nov 05 2018

Compass CDS - Intuitive. Powerful. Secure. Flexible.

Compass CDS is a scalable, intuitive, and secure chromatography software solution for all laboratory needs. Available as standalone workstation or networked client/server, Compass CDS is easily customised to grow with your business requirements. Flexible user interface options and extensive instrument control for many instruments allows Compass CDS to fit into any laboratory or plant environment, while flexible reporting options provide you with the results you need in the format you want.

Simply Intuitive…

Compass CDS offers a simple single screen interface to the chromatographer, making it very easy to learn, navigate and use on either a daily or infrequent basis. All pre- and post-run activities are accessed via the single screen, as are all Instrument control and status monitoring. Compass CDS methods contains all necessary functions in one place including instrument control, data acquisition, chromatogram display, processing, and reporting. The ability to access different aspects of these can be controlled by an administrator, so functions that are not to be used or the user is not trained to use may be hidden, producing an even simpler screen. The Multi-language interface helps to comply to local regulations and adds to the user experience.

Simply Powerful…

At the heart of any CDS is the integration algorithm. Compass CDS incorporates the most advanced integration algorithms to tackle the most demanding chromatography, while its variable editor accommodates the most complex of calculations. Data handling and reporting is based on sample, peak, method, calibration and user information being available as Variables. Variables such as retention time, operator, and quantity are native to Compass CDS but others may be user defined. For example, to store compound properties within the method (e.g. vapour pressure, density, or Relative Atomic Mass), or entered by the user before or after acquisition (e.g. purity, water content, or LIMS ID). Additionally, variables may be calculated automatically from other variable values using ‘Excel like’ mathematical or logical functions such as IF Statements. This inherent flexibility makes Compass CDS an immensely efficient and powerful tool, improving productivity and data integrity.

Simply Secure…

Integrity of data and results are critical to a laboratory’s credibility. Compass CDS provides the compliance tools necessary to achieve this as standard. Access controls and user profiles may be used to limit who may operate chromatographs and process data, while audit trails track and identify all the activities undertaken. Data may be electronically signed and locked to protect against further manipulation, and data may not be deleted. Data may be stored through NAS, or Compass DB, providing redundancy and powerful archiving & search tools. Taken together Compass CDS offers a comprehensive 21 CFRp11 compliance toolset for use in any GLP environment.

Simply Flexible…

Flexible Plugins exist for specific applications:

  • Eclipse - Performs Simulated Distillation and Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis calculations.
  • One Button Interface - The basic interface overlay for plant operators allowing for the running of samples individually or repeatedly via the clicking of a single button!
  • Hydrocarbon Reporting Tool - performs specific ASTM/ISO/GPA calculations on gas streams from single or multi-channel analysers
  • ChromSync - Automates the comparison of complex chromatograms against reference standards; The perfect tool for the flavour/fragrance industry for quality control and detections of counterfeit goods.
  • AnIML Converter/Viewer - Converts .DATA raw and metadata information into a specific human-readable XML format for long-term storage.
  • Sample Streamer - Provides a configurable multi-instrument bi-directional SAP/LIMS interface (XML, CSV), reducing operator workload, and minimising human error.

Instrument Control

Compass CDS offers multi-vendor GC and LC instrument control. A full overview of supported Instruments, and more on Compass CDS can be found here and here.

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