• The secrets of glass column packing

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The secrets of glass column packing

May 23 2023

In order to get homogenously packed column beds, an optimised packing method is required. The most common packing method is slurry packing. In contrast to silica based packing materials, BioLC chromatography resins with polymer-based particles need additional steps and considerations during packing.

New: Glass column packing video tutorial

In addition to column packing manuals, a new video tutorial is available which explains step-by-step how laboratory scale glass columns should be packed with soft gels. The video summarises the important steps in the packing process in just 15 minutes and can be used as a guideline.

Important for slurry packing: How to assemble packing adapters

During slurry packing, the slurry volume may exceed the maximum column volume. In these cases, a packing adapter is required to provide the additional volume during the packing process. The new video “Assembly of ECO and ECOPLUS packing adapters” explains all steps for the successful assembly of these handy accessories for glass column packing.

More about glass column packing

Do you want to learn more about glass column packing and additional topics including the theory of column packing or troubleshooting? Attend one of the glass column packing seminars which you find in the seminar calendar.

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