• Check out YMC Pilot columns: Flexible design allows for customisation!

Columns (LC)

Check out YMC Pilot columns: Flexible design allows for customisation!

Apr 27 2021

YMC Pilot columns offer full flexibility for pilot scale applications. In addition to four standard inner diameters and two standard lengths, specific requirements can be easily incorporated.

The columns are characterised by a number of significant advantages:

  • Excellent packing results and column performance
  • Easy operation and fast maintenance
  • Heating/cooling jackets available for temperature sensitive applications

Full resin compatibility

YMC Pilot columns are available as either aqueous buffer (AB) or organic solvent (SR) stable versions. This makes them suitable for all common applications in liquid chromatography including normal phase, reversed phase or BioLC.

Easy operation and column packing

YMC Pilot columns are designed with a flow distribution plate and a frit made of fully porous materials, which are securely fixed in the piston. Due to the optimum flow distribution, excellent chromatographic results can be achieved. Furthermore, the column bed is compressed homogenously during column packing. This way, an optimum packing quality is guaranteed.

If longer bed lengths need to be packed and additional column volume is required during the consolidation step, packing adapters are available which can be easily attached to the column.

Figure 2: Full flexibility with regards to dimensions and features

Perfect match for any application

YMC Pilot columns can be customised to be a perfect match for any of your specific applications:

  • Inner diameter: Columns with IDs between 60 and 450 mm ID
  • Column body: Select the appropriate length for your application and the correct material – borosilicate glass 3.3 or acrylic glass
  • Chemical resistance: There is a large number of different material combinations for full resistance
  • Regulatory support: Certification and full documentation is available for validation purposes
  • Column stand: For easy unpacking, rotatable stands are available for larger ID columns
  • Temperature sensitive applications: Heating/cooling jacket available upon request
  • Explosion proof operation: Electric conductive ATEX versions can be supplied

Check out the brochure to find out more about the YMC Pilot column line.

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