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Ultimate Core Performance

Sep 29 2011

Founded on Core Enhanced Technology™ Thermo Scientific Accucore HPLC columns provide the UHPLC features of fast separations with superb resolution, but without the backpressures associated with this technique.

Based on Core Enhanced Technology, a unique combination of state-of-the art particle technology from Thermo Fisher Scientific and vast experience in phase bonding and packing, Accucore™ HPLC columns provide ultimate chromatographic performance without any restriction on the type of HPLC instrument that can be used.
The elements of Core Enhanced Technology are solid core particles, tight control of particle diameter, advanced bonding technology and automated packing processes.

Solid core particles with a tightly controlled diameter of 2.6µm allow high speed, superb resolution separations to be achieved without the backpressures associated with UHPLC columns.

Six different stationary phases, bonded using advanced technology and packed with highly controlled automated processes, result in highly reproducible, rugged columns that offer a wide range of selectivity to meet all your separation needs.

The expert chromatographers at Thermo Fisher Scientific have produced 26 NEW Application Notes using the Accucore HPLC Column range. Containing full protocol details, the 26 Application Notes cover a wide range of research areas, including pharmaceutical, food science, clinical, forensic, environmental and biopharmaceutical separations.

Find out more at: www.thermoscientific.com/accucore

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