• Thermo Scientific Syncronis HPLC Columns: Superior Separation, Column after Column, Time after Time

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Thermo Scientific Syncronis HPLC Columns: Superior Separation, Column after Column, Time after Time

Apr 28 2011

Repeatable, consistent separations are vital in laboratory chromatography. Syncronis™ HPLC columns contain a rigorously tested stationary phase bonded to the highest quality silica packaging material; guaranteed to give consistent performance, column after column, time after time.

Specific and selective retention of sample components by a stationary phase is crucial for sensitive separation and detection. The highly pure silica packing coupled with dense coverage of the stationary phase gives Syncronis the ability to provide sensitive, robust separations. Syncronis HPLC stationary phase silica is produced with highly consistent particle size, distribution and porosity. Placing tight specifications on the carbon loading and surface coverage of the stationary phase reduces the variation in the hydrophobic retention of the phase, giving an exact measurement of the column’s retention capability. Manufacture of the packaging materials and stationary phase bonding and column packing are all performed under strict ISO9000 compliance.

Undesirable secondary interactions, between sample components and the column are responsible for chromatographic variations between samples and columns. Rigorous testing of Syncronis stationary phases provides unparalleled understanding of the hydrophobic retention, ion exchange, hydrogen bonding and chelation capacity of the packaging silica. Syncronis HPLC columns are developed and tested to ensure that these secondary interactions are minimized and do not significantly alter the chromatographic nature of the stationary phase; giving Syncronis HPLC columns the ability to provide the highest quality separations.

Syncronis HPLC columns have been engineered for use with a large number of applications, from biochemical separation of metabolites in serum to efficiently separating the products of chemical synthesis. C18, C8 and phenyl reverse phase columns are available, with each phase being double end-capped for extra surface coverage and inertness towards basic compounds. Aqueous mobile phases can cause instability in reverse phase columns, the Syncronis aQ column offers superior compatibility with aqueous mobile phases, in addition to the high quality separating power demonstrated by this column line. Other Syncronis phases available include amino, silica and HILIC phases, each offering unique analyte selectivity for normal phase and hydrophilic interaction chromatography; extending the applications for Syncronis reliability across the life science and chemistry fields.

Advanced testing of the Syncronis column line, coupled with the careful selection and engineering of the silica packaging materials gives unprecedented separation reproducibility. Improving the consistency and reliability of a separation reduces the time taken for method validation and increases productivity and efficiency within the laboratory.

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