• New Restek® Rxi®-1301Sil MS GC Columns Are Ideal for MS

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New Restek® Rxi®-1301Sil MS GC Columns Are Ideal for MS

Oct 19 2015

Restek’s Rxi®-1301Sil MS GC columns give you the selectivity you need without the bleed. These new columns offer true cyano phase selectivity along with highest thermal stability in the industry, which ensures you get dependable, accurate MS results and increased uptime. Improve the performance of existing methods for solvents, glycols, and other polar compounds with an Rxi®-1301Sil MS GC column.  

Typical cyano-based 1301 columns are well suited for the analysis of solvents across a range of volatilities; however, they are prone to high bleed and poor robustness, which limits their utility for MS work. The new Rxi®-1301Sil MS column from Restek is a silarylene-based cyano station-ary phase that not only provides the selectivity needed for analysing less volatile compounds, but it also has the highest thermal stability and lowest bleed, resulting in excellent MS compatibility. Exceptionally high thermal stability also allows for more aggressive thermal ramping to eliminate carryover of high molecular weight compounds between analyses (i.e., increased uptime).

In addition to providing both stable 1301 selectivity and the lowest bleed/highest temperature limits in the industry, the Rxi®-1301Sil MS column is designed to provide maximum inertness. Each Rxi®-1301Sil MS column is tested with a QC mix that includes both acidic and basic probes to ensure inertness across multiple compound classes. Greater column inertness improves peak shape and response, ensur-ing more accurate quantitative results.

The new Rxi®-1301Sil MS column is ideal for the analysis of multiple compound classes across a range of polarities and volatilities. With its cyano-based selectivity and high thermal stability, it is the top performing 1301-type column for MS analyses.

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