• New InertSustain LC phases and InertSustainSwift - ideal for LC/MS/MS

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New InertSustain LC phases and InertSustainSwift - ideal for LC/MS/MS

Apr 18 2014

GL Sciences have introduced a new Phenylhexyl phase for the revolutionary InertSustain LC column range, which already includes C18, C8, NH2 and Phenyl.  Additionally, in a new development, GL Sciences have introduced InertSustainSwift C18 which is ideal for demanding LC/MS/MS applications. All InertSustain phases are built on a radically new type of silica, in which the surface of the silica has been uniquely modified to produce a new ‘Evolved Surface’. This Evolved Surface enables precise control of the silica properties, leading to columns that offer superior peak shape and resolution. InertSustain C18 and C8 are robust over the pH range 1 to 10 and are compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases. InertSustain Phenyl offers unique reversed-phase characteristics that may be critical for resolving some compounds. InertSustain NH2, with optimised aminopropyl bonding, is an ultra performance sugar analysis column and InertSustain Phenylhexyl offers industry leading inertness, lot-to-lot reproducibility and low back pressure. For further information on InertSustain columns or any GL Sciences’ product, please contact Authorised Distributor Hichrom Limited at sales@hichrom.co.uk

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