• Improve your Chromatographic results by reducing costs!

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Improve your Chromatographic results by reducing costs!

Mar 27 2011

Money-Saving GC columns and GasFilters : European opportunity’s

Chrom8 International
is appointed European distributor for Abel Ind. Ltd AB-Bond GC columns and for SGT Super Clean Gas Filters. These two top-quality money-saving product lines are ideal for labs who want to save money but don’t want to give-in on quality. We want to cover Europe as complete as possible and we invite potential distributors as well as interested customers to take direct contact with us.

More information about these top-of-the-line products:

Abel Ind. Ltd AB-Bond GC columns
The Canadian Abel Ind. Ltd AB-Bond GC columns are a revolution in the countries where they are already introduced. The columns are tested against the leading brands and the quality is experienced “analytically identical”. The mean practical experience of users is they see only little retention time difference compared to Varian and Restek columns and no difference compared to Agilent columns. This is not different from any usual and regular ‘new-column/old-column’ and “brand-to-brand” differences. Also thelifetime expectancy and the bleeding levels are of the same order (or even better).
Compared to the leading brands the price, however, is the big difference. Price advantages often results in cost savings of between 25% and even 60%!.
Example : a AB-5MS column of 30m x 0,25mm ID x 0,25um has a list price of Euro 375. You can compare this yourself to what you are used to pay.
Price is important but quality is more important of course. Our team of specialists control the quality column-by-column and every column is supplied with a unique test-certificate.

SGT Super Clean Gas Filters
These filters are already well known on the market. You might know them under different brand labels but SGT Middelburg is the official source and producer for these quality products.
The Super-Clean Gas Filters are the top-quality glass/metal filters that really guarantee a better as 99.9999% gaspurity independent of the incoming gas quality.
COST-SAVING 1 : Chrom8 Int. supplies the SGT Super-Clean Gas Filters at regular SGT list price. These prices are normally about 30% lowers as what is usual under other brand-names.
COST-SAVING 2 : Because of clever gas management we can advise huge savings on gas-costs just by economically installing a selection of multi-level Super-Clean gas Filters.
The costs of gas significantly decreases and theanalytical quality of the GC analysis increases. Longer column lifetime, higher sensitivity and lower detection limits.
UNIQUE: The SGT Super-Clean Gas Filters can be pre-filled with Helium or Hydrogen.

This is an huge advantage for GC/MS users who don’t want their sensitive system polluted with air or other gases because of the gasfilling in the filters. Install the filter and start the next analysis righ away without flushing lines and introducing air into the system.

NEW: The new line of Click-on In-Line filters is a revolution! With these indicating filters in place the cartridges can be changed without opening the gaslines!. This is also a huge advantage for specially GC/MS users.

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