• Imtakt 3 µm HPLC phases -incredible selectivity, unmatched efficiency

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Imtakt 3 µm HPLC phases -incredible selectivity, unmatched efficiency

Oct 19 2009

ARC Sciences introduces Imtakt’s NEW technology 3µm HPLC columns with efficiencies of 200,000 Plates/m. Imtakt’s new, fully mixed mode phase “Scherzo”, launched at ASMS, combines Anion, Cation and Reverse phase functionality, which provides previously unachievable selectivity allowing separations like as that of water soluble Vitamin A and fat soluble Tocopherol on the same column, isocratically in under 7mins. As well as phase chemistry, unique polymeric end capping processes and proprietary hardware are behind Imtakt’s column performance, and all this means you can run the columns on standard hardware rated to 6,000psi.

The Cadenza and Unison ranges allow the separation of standard or broad polarity mixtures, with Cadenza CD being the work horse and Unison UK for more polar compounds. There are a wide range of packings including C18, C8, Amino and Phenyl all with the same outstanding performance. There is a unique wide pore phase for high throughput analysis of small molecules, Cadenza CW, and a direct inject plasma phase, Cadenza HS. Imtakt HPLC columns mean you can use standard HPLC hardware and enjoy the benefits of UPLC offering you Better Resolution, Shorter Run times and Lower Solvent Consumption.

For more information visit www.arcsciences.com

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