• Step-by-Step guide for Packing Glass Columns

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Step-by-Step guide for Packing Glass Columns

Mar 22 2022

Packing quality: Important for excellent column performance

The basis for every chromatographic separation is the correct choice of stationary phase. Only this way can an optimum resolution be achieved. Of course, the packing material needs to be packed into the column as efficiently as possible for robust and reproducible results.

The importance of an ideal packed column bed results from the van Deemter equation. With a homogenously packed column, the peak broadening is reduced. Therefore, the Eddy Diffusion is a direct measure for the packing quality of a column.

Different packing methods possible

When packing a glass column, different methods can be used. The selection of the most appropriate packing method depends on the column hardware, the packing material and the available chromatography system.

Apart from the selection of the resin, there are three consecutive steps which are relevant for column packing:

  1. In the first step, the column, the system and the resin are prepared.
  2. The second step is the actual column packing.
  3. The final step is the testing and qualification.

Your support: YMC packing guides

In order to be well prepared for packing soft gels with the flow-packing method and for achieving excellent packing results, YMC offers handy step-by-step packing guides for laboratory and pilot scale glass columns.

Simply contact us via email to get the packing guides or download them from our website after easy registration:

Do you want to have all the relevant steps always on view for your daily work? We have column packing posters available which we can send directly to your lab!

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