• Market Leading Nitrogen Generators


Market Leading Nitrogen Generators

Nov 19 2013

Nitrogen generators from cmc Instruments are market leaders in Germany. Now they are available more widely in the UK, Europe and other export markets. Germany is a country synonymous with quality and reliability, for the last 20 years cmc Instruments have been designing and manufacturing there.

Not all nitrogen generators the same. Generators which incorporate a compressor in the same box are going to require service. This type of system runs the risks of vibration, overheating and delivering moisture to the membrane. Not only will the compressor need replacing eventually but the nitrogen membrane will also become irreversibly damaged. The result - increased downtime, higher costs and replacement parts. A service contract is a must for such systems.

Nitrogen generator systems from cmc Instruments do not run this risk. The quality runs right the system. The membrane is of higher quality and lower ratio than the norm in these instruments, ensuring a longer lifetime. Four filters further ensure that only clean, dry air is presented to the membrane.

Annual maintenance involves a filter change and can be performed by the user in fifteen minutes. No nitrogen generator service contract is needed. Throughout their history cmc Instruments can only recall changing a membrane on three nitrogen generators out of the thousands supplied. Isn’t that reassuring?

The belief at cmc Instruments is that it is not how much you pay on day one that matters. It is the years of service, the cost of ownership and lowest possible downtime that are most important. Customers tend to agree.

cmc Instruments manufacture a wide range of gas generators including nitrogen generators for LC-MS applications, high purity PSA nitrogen generators, hydrogen generators for GC applications, zero air generators, purge gas generators and TOC gas generators – all to the same high standards.

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